For Arlington couple, losing weight is sweeter than sweets

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ARLINGTON - Valentine's Day means lots of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates flying off store shelves.  But Janelle and Daryl Holder are holding off on the sweets as they've lost a combined 125 pounds since last June, and they're not stopping there.

"It was a dream for me at one point to get thin again," says Janelle.  "I'm living that dream now."

After topping out at 267 pounds and becoming diabetic, Janelle was 235 and Daryl was 237 when they decided to get professional help with a diet, choosing Profile by Sanford in Frisco.  Prior to that they overindulged on fast food, sweets, and soda, but after learning they can still feel full on less food, they said goodbye to the bad stuff, hello to vegetables, and the weight quickly came off.  To date, Janelle has lost 80 pounds and Daryl has dropped 45.

"Everybody was shocked," says Daryl.  "We had a family reunion in September at our house for Janelle's family and they could not believe it."

The decision to diet was made with an early retirement in mind.  The couple, who live in Arlington, says they used to be much more active when they were younger and wanted to return to that lifestyle once their working days are over.

"I'm going to be 55," says Janelle, "and I have more energy now than I did in my early-40s!"

The Holders hope their journey will inspire others to do the same.  They say dieting, like marriage, is better (and easier) when you work together!

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