20-year-old ‘undercover ninja’ in Cedar Hill teaches women how to fight back

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CEDAR HILL-- If someone tried to jack your car right now... do you know how you'd react?

Most people have no idea, at least that's what a local martial arts instructor says. Gabriella Posas is trying to change that...  one Instagram post at a time.

You might call her an undercover ninja. She's a soon to be black belt, a 20-year-old business owner, and most recently… a Youtube star.

Let’s just call Gabriella what she is, a bad ass.

On Youtube she's known as She ACTION! “I know it’s so common these days, it’s just the thing now. That’s what everyone wants to do.”

With the help of her dad (who you’d also call a ninja) they shoot these videos.

They show scenarios like... getting a knife pulled on you,  a gun, and what to do during a home invasion. “You’re never going to know how you’re going to react until that happens,” says Posas.

With a few lessons at her gym, she says any women can be prepared before something happens. “Hopefully that never happens, but it’s always good to walk around with confidence knowing that if that situation happened hopefully you can at least get away.”

No, you probably won’t be the next Posas. But, you don’t have to be a black belt to know how to protect yourself.  “Men are always going to be stronger. That’s just it, you know. I’ve been in martial arts my whole life, and it’s like, oh i can do this, or i can do that, it doesn’t matter. If it's a big grown man, the best thing I can do is just try to get out, without getting hurt, as much as I can.”

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