Johnny Manziel opens up about bipolar diagnosis, past alcohol abuse

NEW YORK, NY-- It's one thing to tweet about your problems but to actually talk about them just might be the better play-- especially for Johnny Manziel. In an interview with Good Morning America a "sober" Johnny came clean about his alcohol addiction and bi-polar diagnosis.

"I started taking a look at my mental and making it a priority in my life," he told GMA correspondent. T.J. Holmes. "I'm taking medication for bipolar and I'm working on trying to make sure I don't fall back into depression."

It was just last year Johnny took to Twitter to admit he'd been #LostInTheSauce and working on being a good person.

His assault case involving his ex-girl was dismissed in November after attending mandatory anger management classes and rehab. Fast forward to today and 'Johnny boy' is working to be a good man!

Although he's expressed interest in the XFL and is negotiating a gig with the CFL, Johnny still has dreams of getting back on the field as an NFL quarterback.

After the GMA interview aired Johnny tweeted this: