Fine Fleece: 350 alpacas compete in Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH, TX — You’re probably used to dog shows, horse shows and stock shows, but you’ve probably never seen an animal show like this!

The 19th annual TxOLAN Alpaca Show took over the Will Rogers Center this weekend, with alpacas of all shades and sizes showing off their stuff.

“There’s 350 alpacas in this building,” Ray McDonald, the president of TxOLAN said. “This year we grew another 10%. We’re growing, we’re getting newer ranches coming in, it’s an exciting time for us.”

So how exactly do you judge an alpaca?

“You’re looking at a fleece component and a body component,” McDonald explained. “So 40% of our judging is based upon the confirmation of the animal, whereas 60% is based upon the fleece because that’s the most important part.”

Yeah, that fleece is where all these alpaca products come from. We’re talking hats, dryer balls, socks, even fleece lined soaps!

And the competition is clear: it’s just the alpaca that’s being judged, not how much you can dress it up.

“There is a rule against grooming,” McDonald said. “So you don’t have the blow dry, you don’t have to wash, comb, none of that.”

So you could say that these alpaca shows are way fairer than any other. Plus they make way better sweaters than a prize winning poodle!

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