Class Act: Trinity Christian senior is a competitive bird watcher

ADDISON -- A camera is a piece of high tech these days, but it can also be used to get us back in touch with nature. That’s Evan Janson’s goal with his snapshots and he’s our Class Act of the Week.

Evan is a senior at Trinity Christian Academy, and an avid bird watcher, which turned him into an avid nature photographer.

“Part of bird watching is photography. That’s a big part because you have to prove your sightings,” Evan explained. “I got a pretty cheap camera at first and then, I kind of moved up and got a better one, and being outside with nature just led me to doing nature photography as well.”

In fact, he was a member of the Dallas Zoo’s Competitive Bird Watching Team. Yeah, competitive bird watching! Gotta have a quick trigger to be good at that.

“We did something called the Great Texas Birding Classic,” Evan said. “It’s probably the biggest thing in Texas for Bird Watching Big Days. We did that; we spotted around 90 species in one day, which is pretty amazing, and we won our region.”

Back at TCA, he’s the editor of the yearbook, a member of the soccer team, and he's also the founder of another nature-oriented sport: the school’s fishing team.

“We’re like Top 15 right now in the state so that’s pretty awesome,” he pointed out.

After high school, he’s looking to broaden his nature view and study to potentially become a conservationist, a passion that’s fired up by all his work with a camera.

“I’ve learned to love nature basically,” Evan said. “There’s such a complicated system out there and every single being in the system has its own part to play. Just being out there with that is pretty amazing.”

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