Just days after Richardson officer dies in line of duty, Dallas Police Department graduates 29 officers

DALLAS-- As 29 men and women became officers on Friday afternoon, their families were beaming with pride.

But, in the back of their mind... there`s reality.

A reality that's all too familiar, after a Richardson cop was killed in the line of duty Wednesday night.

That's true for Michelle Ross, her husband is now an officer.

"I think i may be a little bit more nervous than he is," Ross said. She often thinks about what could happen. "I've always been very emotional about that, well before we knew this is what he was going to do. So, that's a little scary."

Diana Robles is watching her nephew become an officer.

"You always think about if they are going to come home, but you just pray and wish for the best." Robles said.

Sr. Corporal Tim Cordova says they take the risk very seriously at the Dallas Police Department Academy.

"It`s rewarding but tough, my parents were very proud of me, and all these parents and friends and family are very proud of them," Cordova said. "But, they understand the risk that we take, especially with what just happened in Richardson. It`s a very sorrowing reminder of what happened and what can happen on the job, but it also shows the reality of the job and how we do have to stay safe and watch out for each other, watch each others back."

For Ross, there`s a variety of emotions, but proud is the strongest one. "Knowing what`s out there, he sees and believes the good in everybody, and i think i see the corrupt side a little more often, so i am worried that it might break his spirits a little bit, but i truly believe he will make a difference."