WATCH: Duncanville – DeSoto brawl breaks out after basketball game

DUNCANVILLE, TX-- It was "game on" after the Duncanville vs. DeSoto basketball game when a fight broke out. If it were a hockey game, it's likely no one would have noticed. Unfortunately for the students involved, that's not how basketball works.

A video was taken by local athletic adviser Jabari Johnson. He posted the video to Twitter with the following caption:

"I hate we had to witness this ugly scene tonite there's no place for this in the game of basketball. Players suffered injuries & it`s likely that suspensions will impact both teams moving forward. Shaking my damn head".

The video shows players and students from both schools going at it while several school administrators, officers, and parents  try to break it up. No one knows why the fight started, but administrators hope to figure it all out.

DeSoto ISD released a statement saying, in part:

"We are working with Duncanville ISD's athletics administrators and school administrators in addition to UIL to determine who was involved, where discipline is applicable and what next steps are in order as a result of last night's (Tuesday) incident."

Duncanville ISD released a nearly identical statement adding in part:

"Working together with DesotoISD, we are also taking steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future."

It will be clear who played a part in the big fight at the next games for both teams. The culprits will likely be benched.