Richardson police chief on shooting that killed officer: ‘It’s the hardest day we’ve ever had’

RICHARDSON -- "It's the hardest day we've ever had," Richardson police chief, Jimmy Spivey said. "We're not doing well."

For the first time in the 63 years it's existed, the Richardson Police Department lost one of it's officers in the line of duty.

"A  person had been shot," Spivey said. "They began rendering aid to that person. In the course of their investigation, they were led to an apartment where they made an entry and immediately encountered gunfire."

The 37-year-old officer has been identified as David Sherrard. We're told he was shot in the neck Wednesday night while responding to a scene out at Breckinridge Point Luxury Apartments.
He was a husband, and the father of two daughters.

"They are our family, they have been our family, and they will continue to be our family," Spivey said of Sherrard's family. "We will continue to support them as long as it's necessary."

The alleged shooter is 26-year-old Brandon McCall, who's now behind bars. The civilian shot in last night's incident was also killed.

"We felt like it would be better to let Plano handle this investigation for us," Spivey said. "They've begun the investigation."

Today, the Richardson Police Department has had to work through their grief as this investigation moves forward, making sure that Officer Sherrard is honored for his sacrifice.

"I can tell you that Officer Sherrard is a brave, tenured police officer who died in the service of his community," Spivey said.