New study reveals how dangerous ‘drowsy driving’ REALLY is!

DALLAS-- Have you ever fallen asleep at the wheel? Well, if you do, you might wanna grab an extra coffee or energy drink.

A new study says about 10% of car crashes involve drowsy drivers. That's a far higher number than previously thought.

After looking at dashboard video from hundreds of accidents, AAA found that 10.8% percent of all crashes were because of fatigue.

Now the question is: how many people actually fess up to driving while drowsy?

Well, looking at numbers from the most recent National Sleep Foundation poll, 37% admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel.

Then there comes the scary part of these stats.

Many people say they can't even tell if or when they're about to go night-night on the road.

Well, if you find your eyes getting low, you're daydreaming or constantly yawning, it's time to pull over somewhere and take a nap

Whatever you decide, just stay woke!