Garland’s Guns and Hoses supports family of murdered Richardson officer

RICHARDSON -- It's like a bad dream that you can't wake up from. A dark thought that's crossed your mind, but you never imagined would become reality.

When a first responder dies in the line of duty, their family is forever changed. However, they don't have to suffer alone thanks to one foundation in particular.

Guns and Hoses.

Dave Swavey, who used to be a Garland police officer founded the organization that helps families out immediately following a tragedy.

Wednesday, 37-year-old Richardson Police Officer David Sherrard was shot and killed in the line of duty. “Right now we are accepting donations on behalf of the family." says Swavey.

Swavey says Sherrard's family needs emotional and financial support. “She'll always remember the last conversation she had. She has to be there for her two children that are going to continually ask questions, they are too young to really grasp the concept."

The organization is also helping the Richardson Police Department. Swavey says, “Knowing first and foremost that this is the first officer they have lost, I could sympathize with the city because they have gotten to the point now where it appears they didn't think this would happen."

That's exactly why Swavey started Guns and Goses, back in 1989 garland had an officer die for the first time, something he and the department weren't prepared for. “You all think in the back of your mind it could happen but you go to work everyday never really envisioning that."

Throughout the year Guns and Hoses raises money, “Pretty much everything you can think under the son that cops and firemen like to compete in, we've done or tried." says Swavey.