Business owner wants change after Dallas warehouse and office almost catch fire

DALLAS-- It`s a real blessing that a quick acting security guard just happened to be across the street from Curtus Garrison's office last week.

"Behind the fence there was flames and smoke shooting and he called 911," Garrison said.

He was oblivious to what was going on.

"We were in the office, just minding our own business, no clue that there`s a big fire behind our office."

Let`s rewind for a second, and talk about the problem. Behind Garrison's office, that's on Good Latimer, lies what`s refereed to as tent city.

"You know that`s a tall fence and it was shooting up over the fence," he said.

Garrison says there's often small fires burning in that area, but on that particular night, he thinks someone threw something highly flammable... causing a large fire.

"It didn`t have any damage to the property, it`s just burning in a controlled area, but we are just concerned if the wind would blow and land on our roof."

This time, they got lucky, but what happens next time?

"It`s spooky because they might go to sleep, the might walk away to go use the rest room, go get some food. The fires are just left burning."

Garrison is asking someone to do something about tent city.

"We know there`s a problem, and we want to help however things could be done, but it just seems like it`s a complicated issue, you know, it`s political and you know people have different opinions."

So far, we haven`t heard back from the fire department or the police department about this issue.

But, the city does have a burn ban... which is clearly being broken, and garrison isn`t happy about that.