Smart Cookie? Did Girl-Scout break rules after selling baked goods in front of weed dispensary?

Courtesy: UrbnLeaf/ Instagram

SAN DIEGO — A smart cookie or a dope idea going up in smoke?

A nine-year-old reportedly sold over 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in two days after setting up shop at a San Diego weed dispensary. The good folks at Urban Leaf even help promote the scout on their Instagram.

So, why is this little girl catching heat? Well, If you think it’s cause she’s combined her cookies with herbs– think again!

According to the official family cookie guide, which is like the Bible for Girl Scouts, the problem was it wasn’t a place of business.

The Girl Scouts allow booth sales generally in front of any business as long as that business grants them permission.

Anyway, the scouts are only allowed to set up shop in front of a shop between : February 9th and March 11th.

So right now, Girl Scouts only have the green light to push the red wagon and make door to door sales.

Considering this scout and her dad were caught on camera selling near Urban Leaf’s front doors with her red wagon parked off-site.