Super Sunday means super work for local pizza place

DALLAS — Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest game of the year, and the biggest day for food, too! And over at the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company, they’re prepping as hard as the players.

“Half the staff that left at 5 AM is gearing up to be back here by 2 today,” said Sammy Mandell, the owner of the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company. “I mean we’re going to sell over 200 pounds of wings today, probably do well over 100 deliveries. We’ll be making pizzas starting right now 'til at least halftime or until just after the game is over.”

And football food isn’t just necessary to make your Big Game party a success, it can also be predictive!

GrubHub just released the list of luckiest foods for the two teams in the Super Bowl. For the Patriots it’s Bacon with it being 153% more popular when they win, and for the Eagles it’s a Philly Cheesesteak Pizza which is 185% more popular when they win!

So these guys aren’t only the ones who make the party go, they might be influencing the result of the game! So be thankful that somebody is putting in hard work today!

“We just kind of got with the team yesterday and said alright guys, let’s get in and knock it out and they’ll be here to help slay some pizzas,” Mandell said.

And you can try to customize that order to send a little luck to whoever you want to win, unless you can’t stand both teams in which case just go Pepperoni and hope they’re making these pizzas with Cowboys stars on them next year!