Amtrak train crash kills 2 and injures 116

COLUMBIA, SC -- Two people are dead and over a hundred are injured after an Amtrak train, carrying around 147 passengers and travelling from New York to Miami, crashed into a freight train in South Carolina.

Authorities initially said 70 people were injured, but that number has grown to 116. "We have anything from small scratches and bumps to more severe broken bones, so they kind of run the gamut in between that," Lexigton County PIO, Harrison Cahill said.

The two people killed in the accident were both Amtrak employees: the train's engineer, 54-year-old Michael Kempf, and the conductor, 36-year-old Michael Cella. Both men were in the first car when the accident happened.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the investigation could take anywhere between 12-18 months, but early reports say the Amtrak was on the wrong track.

This isn't the first time a crash like this has happened! If you remember back in December, an Amtrak train derailed in Washington, killing three people. On January 31, a train carrying Republican lawmakers crashed into a garbage truck.

Even the chairman of the NTSB said their track record isn't great. We've just had a crash on Wednesday, there was one a few months ago in December, December the 18th, and so our rail division is pretty busy," NTSB Chairman, Robert Sumnwalt said.

President Trump gave his condolences on Twitter:

Considering how bad the crash was, it sounds like things could've been a lot worse.