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Drone Wars V takes off in Addison for annual event

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ADDISON- The big game is Sunday afternoon, but in today in Addison, take off is a little more important than kick off.

"It is aviation, people don't understand that, it is aviation,"  said Scott Slocum from the Cavanuagh Flight Museum.

DFW drone racers made their way out to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum to put their flight times to the test in the 5th annual Drone Wars.

And y'all, if you're any good, you can make some real cash getting into this!

"These prizes are ranging from $100 on the low end to $50,000 on the high end," said drone racer Alex Vanover. "There's a lot of money behind this right now. I've gotten to go to South Korea recently, all across the nation and then this Spring I'm going to be going all across the world as well."

He's only 18!

At this event, there are two categories for racers to show their stuff. You can use first-person-view using the virtual reality goggles, or just keep your eye on the drone in the line-of-sight group.

Try not to get dizzy!

"There are leagues out there, not unlike the NFL, that have teams and these drone pilots are making six figures out there racing these," Slocum said.

Hey, judging by this, that toy drone your kid keeps asking for may just be a pretty good investment!

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