Wow, it’s like that? Tinder reportedly caught charging premium users over 30 — DOUBLE the price!

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DALLAS -- Dating is already a tough task. So, imagine if one of those dating apps taxed you because of your age?

Well, that's basically what Tinder is allegedly doing to their premium users over 30-years-old. The popular dating app charged $19.99 for their premium service but reportedly cut the price in half for users under 30.

Um. Swipe left for ...  DEAD WRONG!

Their excuse for the age-based fee bump is that younger users tend to be more budget constrained.


It seems like Tinder is really for the 'tenderonies'?!

But, If you think Tinder isn't showing the 30 and up club any love, you might want check out Match's annual "Singles in  America" survey.

One of their stats, says the age-group who gets it boomin' in the bedroom are the baby boomers.

"The age group for women is 66 and the age group for men is 64," explained Jennifer Syers with Match.  "You would definitely think its the 20 something and the millennials but it's not!"

Guess this is the perfect time to say: when it comes to love age ain't nothing but a number!