Some Uptown Dallas renters fear they will no longer be able to call it home, possible demolition project

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DALLAS-- There’s a growing concern among a few Uptown Dallas neighborhoods. That concern? People fear they soon won’t be able to call it home.

Anthony Page with the Uptown Neighborhood Association says, “Right now there’s an emerging proposal to demolish a lot of the most affordable housing here and that would end up displacing 600 people in four separate blocks.”

At this point, developers are simply proposing the idea. But, if the city says yes… Turtle Creek Terrace apartments would be the first to be torn down and replaced with luxury apartments.

Page says, “There was a gentleman who spoke very passionately at a recent neighborhood meeting, he lives with his daughter, here at this property. He works at a retail property up on Knox Street, he’s able to walk there, his daughter is established in schools here. He said if he leaves this place, he’s going to have to find a new place for his daughter to go to school, he doesn’t know how he’s going to go to his job because he doesn’t have a car.”

Page and the Uptown Neighborhood Association are asking people to attend an event on Tuesday where developers will be presenting their ideas.

Page is hoping to share his at the meeting as well, saying there are too many high rises. “It’s very difficult to find affordable housing, and as a matter of a fact the city is working on affordable workforce housing programs to address this crisis. So, at the same time they are working to solve the crisis with one hand, they could be potentially making a crisis by putting 600 people out on the streets.”

A representative from the city tells us:

"To-date, the City has not received a request for incentives for this project. Right now, the City is in the process of gathering public input to frame a comprehensive housing policy to address affordability issues facing the local market."

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