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NFL ratings down just days before Super Bowl

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The super bowl is nearly here, but it seems the NFL is taking a big hit to its core audience. These days, it seems like a lot of people aren`t watching as much as they used to.

That doesn`t mean people won't be watching in big crowds this Sunday. In fact, nearly 14 million people will be watching so hard on Super Bowl Sunday that they`ll be celebrating #SuperSickMonday as well.

A survey by Mucinex says millions of people will likely call in sick on Monday. However, it`s not clear if all of those people are actually sick or just hungover.

Healthy or not,  you can bet those people know at least a little about football.

That's something you can`t say about a group of jeopardy contestants who competed Thursday. Not one of the contestants even attempted to hit their buzzer for any of the clues from the "talking football category".

It's safe to say those three, at least, will show up for work on Monday; a coin flip for everyone else.


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