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Going to pot: San Francisco to erase marijuana-related convictions, Willie Nelson’s weed biz is BOOMIN!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Seems as if states like Colorado and California are ahead of the HIGH times.

Case in point: Prosecutors in San Francisco just decided that they will be throwing out thousands of local marijuana-related convictions. They're expected to expunge cases dated way back to 1975.

Prosecutors are only erasing misdemeanors but people with felonies can consider getting those reduced.

That's more than we can say for Texas, which still seems to be dragging its feet on legalizing recreational use.

Before we get too blunt about the law, next week, Austin is set to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state. It's worth mentioning that only 15 doctors in Texas are legally allowed to hand out prescriptions and two of them are from North Texas.

Speaking of Texas-sized bragging rights, Willie Nelson's own marijuana business is booming. The music legend's company has earned a grand total of $29.5 million!

Not bad, considering he's up against other celebrities -- like Snoop, Wiz, and Whoopi who've also invested in the weed biz. Guess if you're going to legally (and we do mean legally) smoke the reefer you might as well make some green too!

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