Flu Update: Flu-related deaths rise to 54 in Dallas County

DALLAS -- If you thought the flu epidemic was gonna go away anytime soon, think again!

It seems like all it takes is one little cough or sneeze to put you on red alert and people will do whatever it takes not to catch the darn virus!

Sorry folks, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. In fact, this flu season has seen the highest number of hospitalizations in 8 years and is one of the worst America has ever seen.

The CDC released the new numbers: 16 more children have died from the flu, which brings the total number up to 53. In Dallas County alone, there have been 52 flu-related deaths from people of all ages.

But, there is good news! The total number of states with widespread flu activity dropped from 49 to 48, thanks to Oregon who's no longer on the list!

Health professionals want to see that number keep going down and urge people that it's never too late to get the flu shot and be diligent about prevention.

"We need to take personal responsibility. Wash our hands with soap and water, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, get that flu vaccine so that we can protect ourselves and others," Dr. C.J. Perkins, from Dallas County Health and Human Services said.

Listen to the pros people! It's about time we all nip this bad boy flu in the bud.