Ball on a budget this weekend in Dallas!

DALLAS- We get it. You're financially challenged but you're still trying to turn up!

Trust, we're right there with you.

Well, this may just be your lucky weekend, because Dallas is looking really charitable right now.

If you're ballin' on a budget, Saturday's your last chance to put on a decent outfit and get a free lunch at Pok the Raw Bar in West Village.

"This is our one year anniversary at Pok," said the owner Brandon Cohanim. "We've created a special menu which is an 8-course omakase tasting menu. This week for lunch it's actually free all week if you're able to grab a spot on Open Table."

All you need is to set that reservation! It looks way better than that 10 cent ramen you were about to eat!

So what about entertainment?

You already know the Granada has you covered with free weekly movies during the warmer months, but this Sunday, you can stop by to watch that little football game without breaking the bank.

"Doors open at 4:30, game kicks off at 5:30. We've got a nacho bar, $3 domestics, concert quality sound, comfy seating, giant screen, and it's free to get it," Jenna Rushing, the marketing director at the Granada.

Your free weekend is all set! Go out and flourish you cost-efficient butterfly!