Amazon’s new patented wristband is more creepy than efficient

SEATTLE, WA — Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, what in the world are you thinking?

The online shopping powerhouse just got a patent for a new “accessory” for its employees. Picture a Fitbit, but more “big brother.”

Amazon recently received a patent for a wristband that would be able to tell where a workers hands are at all times. No, not like that! Amazon claims the futuristic bracelet is a new way to free up employee’s hands from scanners so your online orders get to your door faster.

Here’s the breakdown: ultrasonic devices scattered throughout the warehouse track the wristbands in relation to where the bins are that hold the products. If the employee’s hands go to the wrong item or bin, the bracelet will vibrate. That means no slacking off and probably no overly long potty breaks!

Of course, the Twitter community has a few words to say about it:

Even though Amazon has the patent, the likelihood of it becoming a reality is slim, but if it does come to fruition, maybe don’t apply to work at Amazon?