Simon Says: Get rid of your fake friends! They’ll get you in trouble.

DALLAS -- This is a story about fake news, and it’s in the New York Times. Okay, before President Trump gets excited, the story is really about “fake followers.”  A so-called ‘social media black market’ that allows people to buy a following on places like Twitter.

The article says athletes and celebrities do it to help with their influence and potential marketing deals.

I like how one company says the followers will be ‘active’ and ‘high quality’ as if you’re buying produce at Whole Foods. Shocked? How many of your friends are the real deal?

The New York Times story got me thinking about how many real friends we actually need?

The answer is here. Not too long ago, a British psychologist concluded we will get along just fine with about 5 good friends. That’s it. Although I’ll be fine with 3 people and 2 dogs.

Five is apparently the perfect number to balance and maintain communication, but I also think a real friend will tell you how gross you are when you fart, when there’s food on your lower lip, when your clothes don’t match, and when (ahem) they don’t fit.

That’s blunt force truth that can prevent mistakes and embarrassing situations.

Which makes me think -- Harvey Weinstein knows a lot of people, but he has no friends. The same with Matt Lauer. Not too long ago, Tiger Woods had a lot of wins, but he had no friends. Does Hillary Clinton have ‘real’ friends? And you have to wonder, how many buds President Trump really has? Because when someone you’re close with says or tweets stupid stuff, you call them out don’t you?

There’s a word for people who tell people things they want to hear: sycophant

Love that word, but remember fake sycophants can build you up on social media, while real ones won’t do anything to stop you on your way down.

So, go get a friend. Or a dog! Because our sycophant society, makes me sick!