No, FEMA is NOT cutting aid to suffering Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO -- Call it bad timing or fake news.

The day after Trump briefly acknowledged Puerto Rico in his State of The Union speech,  rumors start swirling that FEMA is cutting off aid to Puerto Rico.

"It's an utter state of hypocrisy; the president has not been with the people of Puerto Rico," San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz said.

It's been over three months since Hurricane Maria hit the island, and San Juan mayor Carmen Cruz says they're still suffering.

But, FEMA quickly took to Twitter to clear those rumors up.

So... what was the mix up?

Well, according to the Associated Press, a FEMA spokesperson says the agency had been evaluating whether enough stores and supermarkets had reopened by the 31st to justify ending distribution of food and water to municipal governments on the island. The agency reportedly added that the date was never supposed to be made public because it was for internal planning purposes only.