Confederate statue will stay up in Denton but with more historic context

DENTON- Happy Black History Month! What better way to celebrate than by arguing over Confederate monuments.

Members of the Confederate Monument Advisory Committee went back and forth this morning to decide whether the rebel outside the old courthouse should stay (with added historic context) or go.

After about two hours, the committee voted 10-5 to leave the statue up.

Committee Chairman John Baines recommended they add some historical context and display kiosks to the monument to help remind people that slavery and Jim Crow are actually bad things.

"There needs to be a large statement to that effect," Baines said.  "We also need to educate people who come to Denton County's Square about the racial progress going from slavery until today."

The vote will go to County Commissioners for a final decision on how to move forward. That presentation will be going down next week.

"The statue will stay where it is, and even if we made a recommendation to move it, the commissioners make the final decision," Baines said.  "We just come up with the recommendation."

Now we wait!