Ruff Life: Roussel struts his way into a place he can finally call home!

DALLAS- Roussel's a reserved, classy guy and he's strutted his way right into his forever home!

"He's actually pretty calm and quiet most of the time," said Pam Reynolds, who adopted Roussel. "He sleeps about 23 hours a day."

Roussel may not have the best eyesight, but anyone can see this little guy has a regal personality that fills up a room.

Just remember to give him his space!

"He is not a big cuddler at all," Reynolds said. "I'll try and get him to sit up on the sofa with me and he'll have none that. He wants to go get in his little bed where he's comfortable."

When Pam found Roussel at Dallas Pets Alive!, she knew he was the dog for her...and not just because he could help her get a little revenge.

"Years ago, my brother-in-law, Russ, got a new ranch dog and he named that dog, a male dog, Pam in my honor," Reynolds said. "So I promised him that one day, the next time I had a dog, regardless of sex or breed, I was naming that dog Russell."

Now that Roussel's safe and sound with Pam, she wants to make sure he'll get his chance to see the world.

"He has cataracts, which it turns are are treatable," Reynolds said. "So I have created a GoFundme account to help offset some of the costs of that."

Roussel's about to be living his best life!

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