Riverdale S02 E11: Wrestling singlets, Hiram and Archie tensions, and #DarkVeronica

Hello Riverdale Class of 2018! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Okay so I kinda don't care about Archie trying to win the approval and confidence of Veronica's dad Hiram Lodge which is the main plot of the episode, but we did get the Riverdale wrestling team in singlets even if that also meant Hiram wrestling Archie to the ground... gross.

Speaking of singlets, this episode was directed by Gregg Araki known mostly for new queer cinema. Whether it was Araki’s direction or the show finding it's drama footing, this was the first episode that didn't need to rely on the horror noir angle to succeed. It stuck mostly to the drama between the great characters of Riverdale.

So what are the points you need to remember?

First: Veronica is becoming full on Lodge family Godfather.

Her desire to bring the southside and Northside together if only so the Lodges to succeed in their real estate development is only a glimpse into her potential machinations. When rejected by Josie and Mayor McCoy for the Pussycats to play at Picken's day, Veronia reforms the pussycats herself as the lead. Meow. #DarkVeronica This is an excitingly sinister new role for my favorite character.

Second: Archie's first rationale for wanting to get close to Hiram is intel for FBI Agent Adams on the Lodge's business dealings. But Hiram's continual pushback on Archie's relationship with Veronica took it to a new level.

By the end businessman Hiram decides to mentor Archie and Archie looks to get closer to the Lodge's by his own desire.

Third: Uh-oh fans. I was wondering how the show was going to bring back Dark Betty and it's through her brother Chick. Chick's life as a pervy webcam boy served as his escape from his dark tendencies and with Chick’s guidance it appears as Betty is going to follow the same path to cope with hers.

Fourth: Hal Cooper's a jerk. It makes Alice Coopers banging outfits, tequila swigging, and baking in the kitchen with her sleeves down over that last two seasons make sense. But what's this? Penelope Bordello Blossom offers Hal comfort at the end of the episode?

With the beheading of the General Pickens statue at the end of our episode, our Serpents versus the town drama in only beginning. And Dark Betty returns!

It's our first episode without a movie title refence but it is a reference to a comic book - and it’s also the newest Riverdale "the Wicked and the Divine"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales