On Point: Legendary Dance Troop performs in Irving

A unique ballet show made its way to North Texas Tuesday night.

"The show is 'Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo'," which is an all-male comedy ballet company," said ballet master Raffael Morra. "We are also gonna dress as ballerinas tonight and we are gonna put on a very fun and entertaining show. "

The Trocks are on point with both skillful ballet performances and comedy.

"We need to be professionally trained and we need to be able to be funny and be able to do some comedy," Morra said. "We need to be able to laugh at ourselves."

Some of the performers who didn't feel comfortable in the conventional ballet world found a home with the drag company.

"The ballet world is incredibly rigid," said dancer Joshua Thake. "If you don't fit into a cookie-cutter model of what some person's vision is for what the art form means to them, then it is important to find a place where everybody is accepted as their own individual."

"Everybody comes from a very pre-professional background in all different genres, all different activities," Thake said. "And when you come together and you make that melting pot of fabulousness, you're inevitably going to get a product that is truly individual, truly creative, truly artistic, and really rewarding to be a part of."

The Trocks were founded in New York a few years after the Stonewall riots that marked the beginning of the LGBTQIA rights movement int he US.

"I feel very much privileged and very lucky to be accepted into this kind of group and being able to travel the world and spreading the same message we've always been spreading since 1974," dancer Philip Martin-Neilsen said.

The Trocks performed at Irving Arts Center. Days earlier, a documentary "Rebels on Point" premiered, taking viewers behind the scenes with the performers.

NewsFix photojournalist Joel Fernandez produced the video and conducted interviews for this story.  NewsFix managing editor Mark Shepherd wrote the text of this story.