Dallas goes off the chain with new tethering ordinance

DALLAS - There's no more tying up Fido and leaving him outside while you're inside or even gone from home, at least not in Dallas.

The city has a new tethering ordinance that says you can`t leave your dog on a chain alone.

"I don`t think that the ordinance is something that`s negative. I think it`s actually a good thing," downtown Dallas resident Anitra Joiner said.

"I do feel like in some cases that ordinance may be needed just because of maybe animal cruelty or neglect or things of that issue," Dallas resident Michelle Deckard said.

Now, this doesn't mean you can never tether your dog. It just means you have to be very careful. There are some pretty specific rules you have to follow.

First, your dog can`t be tethered in a way that would allow them to become tangled. Second, you have to use the proper harness or collar. Last, you have to use a tethering device between the leash and the structure. You can`t just attach it to its neck.

Some say there's not a problem with tethering  downtown.

"I think downtown, we don`t really see that as much. People typically have their dogs on a leash or they`re walking close by," Joiner said. "I would assume that it may have some people who have homes and typically tie their dogs up all day may have a problem with it."

No matter where you live in Dallas, it seems there`s good reason for this ordinance.

"I had a neighbor who used to do that and I would hear the dog scream and cry all day because they wanted to get loose or they were hung up in something in the back yard," Joiner said.

"Matter of fact, we had a neighbor that got bit by a dog last year but the dog was tethered but it was such a large dog, it broke away," Deckard said.

The ordinance goes into affect Thursday, February 1. Only time will tell if the ordinance will actually make a difference.