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The Flash S04 E11: The Trickster gets campy and Ralph gets legit!

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Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

With Barry in prison, It's Ralph to the rescue! As the Trickster returns! And a classic 90's Flash TV villain makes her Flash-verse/Arrowverse debut! Which brings me to this weeks Flashpoints


How cool was it back in Season one when Mark Hamill reprised his role as Jesse James the Trickster. Of course being a different Universe that Trickster never battled the John Wesley Shipp/Barry Allen Flash from the 90s TV show... but he did terrorize central city 20 years earlier aaaaand he did have a son Axel Walker. And Alex becomes the Trickster for the modern TV.

So when Barry bumps into Alex in jail I knew something was up. But imagine my surprise when the woman behind his break out was none other than the 90s Trickster sidekick/love interest Prank! She even owns Clarx Toys like she did in the classic series. Modern history has her as Alex's mom after a career backing up his dad Jesse James the original Trickster.

Daddy Issues

Intent on getting the notice and approval of his father, Alex decides to take on Central City's newest hero.... Stretchy Man! Realizing she can't stop her son, mommy Prank decides to join in the fun and converts the unused Clark Toys warehouse into a Fun House of Horrors complete with a deadly spin the wheel game show!

I loved the return to ridiculous, campy, villainy this episode provided. Trickster is also a classic Flash Rogue Villain... And with Amunet doing her own crime boss thing, I'm hopeful we can get the full on Flash Rogues I've asked for I dunno... like every other recap

I Elongate, Man

This episode of course brought Ralph Dibny from part time Flash Squad back-up to full hero - Complete with name and new costume! - Comic fans will recognize his first gray costume design this season closely matched his actual comic debut costume and the new Cisco updated costume reflects his more modern design.

But it's about that name, man. Elongated Man doesn't really roll off the tongue and it certainly doesn't have the polish Cisco likes to give when naming new villains... so I was wondering how show was going to graduate Ralph to an actual codename. And it comes at the end when describing his powers to a reporter... In very Dibny speak - I elongate, man.

In our new preview our newly minted Elongated Man must rise to the challenge... or is that shrink to the challenge as Cisco and Ralph get miniturized by a new villain Sylbert Rundin. Oh hey I recognize that name! Sylbert Rundin aka Dwarfster! Like Ray Palmer the Atom in the comics, Dwarfster has a Bio-belt to. But he's an Atom villain not a Flash villain.

Since he's using a gun in the promo, I'm guessing Sylbert isn't a dark matter subject... maybe

Let's find out in the next new Flash - Honey I Shrunk Team Flash

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