Couple diagnosed with hookworms after trip to the beach

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PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- If you're snacking on something, put it down now because some of the images you're about to see don't mix well with eating.

It's like a scene straight outta Alien!

Katie Stephens and her boyfriend, Eddie Zytner, went on a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and returned home with more than just a couple souvenirs. That's because some parasitic worms decided to call the Canadian couple's feet home!

Katie and Eddie posted these pics on social media, and we're warning you, they get pretty gnarly.

The couple said their feet started itching which turned into swelling and blisters. It was so excruciating, they had to use crutches to walk and couldn't stand putting shoes or socks on!

When the pair got to the hospital, doctors were stumped, but eventually diagnosed the duo with hookworms, which likely entered their skin when they were walking barefoot on the beach.

Stephens posted this warning to Facebook, urging people to wear shoes when when dipping your toes in the sand:

The good news is: the love birds are on the mend! Bad news is: they'll probably never walk on a beach again.

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