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Commissioner in Georgia wants to add President Trump’s name to a major expressway

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A commissioner in Augusta, Georgia is shaking the racial tension table with a new proposal for one of the city`s expressways.

Bill Fennoy wants to change the name of John C. Calhoun Expressway to Trump- Calhoun Expressway. He says he wants to add President Trump`s name because he says both Trump and Calhoun are very similar. The question is, how?

Well, first, if you don`t know who John C. Calhoun is, here`s a brief history lesson: He's a former vice president and secretary of state from the the early 1800s. He`s known for defending white southern interests, which at the time included slavery.

Now, Trump certainly doesn't want to bring back slavery. However, there are some who would say the president supports a white supremacist agenda. So, that may be what the Fennoy is getting at.

On the other hand, some Augusta commissioners don`t think that's the case. Some of them said they think he`s trying to celebrate President Trump's accomplishments in office.

However, considering that Fennoy's known for taking a knee during the pledge of allegiance at committee meetings, that's probably not the case. Either way, it's got people talking.

The proposal has already made its way to the engineering services committee agenda. So, we'll soon see if Fennoy is able to make the expressway great again.

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