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Are ‘slum’ Airbnbs becoming a thing in foreign countries?!

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MUMBAI, INDIA -- Swapping your hotel room for a more private Airbnb is nothing new these days. The travel trend tends to be cheaper and more accommodating for some people.

But what's up with people renting out Airbnbs -- outside the popular tourist areas?!

A Mumbai man recently rolled out the welcome mat to his "Slum Homestay" after receiving interest from tourists who want to step out of their comfort zone or live the "Basti" life.

You can enjoy the slum-ish quarters for just ₹2000 (about $31 bucks) per night. It  includes amenities like a new mattress, a flat screen TV, and an air conditioner!

But get this: Guests will have to ruff it out by using the same toilet facility as the rest of the slum.

Yep ... THIS toilet...

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Courtesy: Facebook

One article points out that residents think the whole "slum homestay" idea is not a cultural heritage and should not be put on display.

But apparently, travelers aren't getting off the beaten path just in foreign countries. How about right here in our homeland?

Last year, Airbnb released a report claiming that 3.3 million guests booked rural listings in the U.S.

And the most popular place to "ruff it out" was west Virginia!

Um ... yeah ... okay.

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