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Are Millennials at it again? Harley Davidson sales take a hit!

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DALLAS - Harley Davidson may be having a hard time this year, but Rick Fairless owns Strokers chop shop, and he says, they know what they're doing!

"Harley has been around for 115 years, they ain't going nowhere," Fairless said.

Harley announced they'd be closing one of their production plants because of a drop in sales, and a lot of people are thinking this may be another industry killed by millennials.

"The enthusiasm for Harley Davidson motorcycles is still at a fever pitch" Fairless said. "The problem is that the people with the fever are getting older."

Millennials have already been accused of killing department stores, the diamond industry, and fabric softener companies. Tide Pod sales seem to be doing all right, though....

While Harley Davidson continues to keep it classic, experts like Fairless say it's just a matter of time before these young bikers hop on board.

"The old saying is 'There's something different on a Harley,'" Fairless said.  "Well it's true."

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