Dr Pepper Snapple merging with Keurig. Can a DP pod be far behind?

PLANO--Oh, Snap! A major drink merger is in the works.

North Texas-based-Dr Pepper Snapple is merging with Keurig.

Talk about a caffeine overload!

The nearly $19 billion deal represents the latest trend in the food and beverage industry. You know, coming together.

Companies seem to think prices will decrease across the board because of the dominance of the world's largest retailers, Walmart and Amazon.

Now, Dr Pepper and Keurig are on the bandwagon, trying to increase revenue.

If the two had been combined last year, the companies say the revenue would have been about $11 billion.

That still doesn't compete with the big beverage companies.

Last year, analysts estimate Pepsi generated more than $63 billion and Coke brought in more than $35 billion.

Now, the deal won't change the way you get your morning cup of Joe or your soda fix at the convenience store.

Or maybe: A Dr Pepper-flavored Keurig coffee pod? Okay, maybe we're just dreamin'.

While you won't really see much of a difference, the deal won't likely close until June.