Dirty Dancing? Tourists could face prison in Cambodia after alleged “sex” moves on dance floor

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA-- When Dirty Dancing gets you locked up!

No, it's not the sequel to the classic flick but it could be a reality for a bunch of backpackers in Cambodia.

At least ten tourists are facing up to a year in prison after they were allegedly caught "producing pornographic positions" on a club dance floor.

Pictures released by officials from the so-called dance party show the foreigners having the "time of their lives." That's until Cambodian police reportedly raided their rented villa the next day and arrested them.

According to CNN, the suspects told British Press Association they did not understand why they were being detained and none of them are the same people in those "sexy" pictures.

Well, guilty or not, the group, which consists of folks from the UK, Canada, Norway, and New Zealand will reportedly be held for 15 days while the investigation continues.