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Where to get Blue Bell’s Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream

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DALLAS FORT WORTH – Fat Tuesday is just around the corner, y’all, and Blue Bell is coming through with Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream!! But wait. Looks like DFW may be giving it up for Lent (even though we’ve never actually had it) unless you’re up for a road trip.

The seasonal specialty ice cream from Brenham-based Blue Bell is only available in a few select places, and none are in North Texas.

We like Fat Tuesday and Carnivale and Mardi Gras and parades and beads as much as everyone else, don’t we?? Are we missing out?

“Our Mardi Gras King Cake flavor is a market specific flavor available in select markets and areas. Areas that have been identified as having large Mardi Gras celebrations,” Blue Bell spokesperson Joe Robertson said.


Brenham-based Blue Bell describes the treat as cinnamon based with (king) cake pieces, a cream cheese swirl, and candy sprinkles.

Sprinkles, y’all. 😞

There’s no tiny plastic baby because… choking hazard. EVEN THOUGH it’s just as much of a choking hazard when it’s in a king cake, but okay. Upside there: No one will feels unlucky. Except unless you don’t get any ice cream at all. 😢

Robertson says small area in Louisiana was the first market to get the ice cream — which we think is totally fair — back in 2004. From there, it made its way to Galveston and Beaumont, because both Texas cities hold big Fat Tuesday celebrations each year. Back then, ‘King Cake’ was not part of the flavor name. That came after the ice cream evolved, becoming a cinnamon base with the pastry pieces, thus “creating the phenomenon Mardi Gras King Cake,” Robertson says.

But why not share with the rest of the Lone Star state?? Is it truly because Texans tend to go more for the pecan-ish ice creams and traditional Homemade Vanilla? Are we being punished for keeping our shirts down (for the most part) and going to work on Fat Tuesday?

Maybe we just want this ice cream because we’re seeing it on social media and it looks pretty?

But… we still want it. Any chance in DFW?

Nope – at least not this year, because Fat Tuesday is still a few weeks away (February 13), and the company has to make it last in the markets where it’s already being sold.

All is not lost, according to Robertson. “After this year, we may need to add more cities and areas next year!”

In the mean time, who has relatives in these areas? Because they are the ones scoring Blue Bell Mardi Gras King Cake this year.

In Texas — limited quantities in some areas:
Brenham (duh, the Blue Bell mother ship)
Clear Lake
Texas City

Other states:
Greater Louisiana
Jackson, Mississippi
Mobile, Alabama

And also, some of you Louisianans are show offs! But we’re happy for you. 😉🍨

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