WATCH: People in France are going “nuts” over a Nutella discount!

PARIS, FRANCE -- What would you do if your favorite food suddenly went on sale, for way less than half the price? Well,  you could do as the French do and start a riot.

People in France are going crazy... or should we say "nuts" over Nutella. The sweet deal was 70% off of the chocolate hazelnut spread. When supermarkets made that announcement people reportedly started pulling hair, climbing over each other, and brawling -- all to get their hands on a jar ... or two... or three!

Texans, didn't even see this kind of outrage when Blue Bell made its come back after that listeria crisis.

One jar of Nutella would probably run you on average 2 to 5 dollars depending on the size - so is a hospital bill or a ticket worth the savings?

Hey ... we're just hoping this Nutella nonsense doesn't spread to the U.S.

Get it?

Spreeeead?! 🤣