FAIL: Oprah and Reese Witherspoon get extra limbs in Vanity Fair

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NEW YORK, NY -- In the spirit of Oprah, "you get an extra limb, and you get an extra limb!"

Vanity Fair pulled a major "oops" in their new issue that is being dubbed a huge Photoshop fail!

Here's the big picture, looks normal right?

But if you take a closer look at Reese Witherspoon, something seems a little out of place. Like an extra leg perhaps!

The internet went crazy over the pic, pointing out that it looks like Reese has a third leg.

Even Reese joked about it:

However, Vanity Fair was quick to debunk the theory:

But Reese isn't the only one with a third appendage. In a separate picture, it shows Oprah has three hands!

Miss Winfrey commented back to Reese:

An extra hand is a little harder to make up, so Vanity Fair decided to address the mistake with a little humor:

The picture on the website was taken down and fixed, so now, Oprah's hands are back to normal!

On the other hand maybe Vanity Fair should chill out with the Photoshop for awhile.

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