Simon Says: SUPER mistake! The NFL bans ‘Please Stand’ ad but allows Justin Timberlake?

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DALLAS -- I’m sure some of you have heard how the NFL rejected an ad from a veterans group for the Super Bowl program.

I guess suggesting  people stand for the National Anthem is too controversial, especially after a season of kneeling .  The NFL doesn’t want the program to be political.

So you won’t see the ad before the anthem, but isn’t it ironic who will be actually be singing the words? Pink is great. Love her voice, but you gotta wonder if the NFL really went under the hood and reviewed some of her lyrics.

Yeah, this song is about a girl having too much beer and then has a one-night stand she regrets. Let’s hope the girl P!NK is singing about wasn’t wearing a #METOO button on the way out the door. So, we won’t have this anthem ad, but we have P!NK before the game and  Justin Timberlake at halftime.

Can I get this one reviewed?

JT is great. Mr. Lovestoned, SexyBack and ‘wardrobe malfunction accomplice’ has a new song out. There’s a line in it about someone doing something with their meat. Filthy will be trending Super Bowl Sunday. The perfect combination for a league trying  to clean-up its image.

It’s amazing how a bunch of billionaires lack some sense. The league can’t have things both ways.  You know, pick and choose what it deems is good for us, but not stay consistent. If you’re gonna ban an ad like this than “be all in” and give me some milk toast halftime show with Kenny G.

Ironically, a league that encourages freedom of expression with stupid dances after touchdowns is banning the ultimate symbol of freedom in an ad. Hey NFL, get with the program and let the ad stand.

Because after hearing people sing Super Bowl Sunday, everyone will forget the hype, but they will be talking about a league filled with “hype-pocracy.”