Duncanville ISD bus driver goes the extra mile to teach students how to play chess

DUNCANVILLE-- Turns out you don't need to be on the football team at Duncanville High School to be the most popular guy on campus.

Donald Harris is a bus driver for the district. But what's his claim to fame? Working the chess board!

"I know the moves," Harris said. "I'm not the best at this; chess is a humbling sport."

Harris spent his lunch break one day teaching an interested student how to play the game and, ever since, he's been dedicating three days each week to talk queens and bishops.

"I'm learning from them, they're learning from me, and we're just having a lot of fun," Harris said.

But don't think these students are going easy on him just because he brings the boards. They play to win!

"They love it when they can beat you, as you have seen today. They love to beat you," Harris said. "I hope they all grow up and be successful and will be able to look back and say, 'You know that bus driver, Mr. Don, inspired me and that's why I'm a millionaire today!'"

Not even Ms. Frizzle was this cool!