Hey North Texas, our flu season isn’t going ANYWHERE

NORTH TEXAS - Guess what, North Texas?! Flu season isn't going anywhere. 😳🤒😷😞

You know, we've been mostly dealing with Type A flu. It's been a very tough season, with at least 70 deaths in North Texas, and 43 of those in Dallas County.

But there's more than one type of flu, and hospitals and health departments say Type B is now on the rise in North Texas.

Good news, though: Type B is not as dangerous as Type A and generally, it has symptoms that aren't as bad.

The bad news: If you've already had Type A, you're not in the clear. You can still get Type B.

Stay germ-free, y'all. Sing the 'Happy Birthday' song two times while washing your hands frequently with soap and water!