Deaf four-year old surprised by Harlem Globetrotters and Dallas Mavericks Drumline

DALLAS -- The Harlem Globetrotters are known for defying gravity, but now they're helping one kid defy the odds.

Four-year old Jace Lee got the surprise of a lifetime when he was greeted by the Harlem Globetrotters and the Dallas Mavericks Drumline, all for one very special reason.

"He just had a cochlear implant and he just heard sound for the first time," Handles Franklin from the Globetrotters said.

That's right, Jace is deaf, and what better way to test out new hearing than with some percussion to blow out your ear drums! With his brand spanking new hearing device, Jace can now listen to everything from the bass drum to the cowbell!

"I know he was excited to be here today and to see the tricks and to see the music. He's having a great day. He's doing great; hearing things he's never heard before," Jace's mom, Brenda Lee said.

He even got to learn a few tricks along the way!

Lee said, "He's having a good time just soaking it all in."

New tricks, new sounds, welcome to the noisy world, Jace!