Husband & wife travel bloggers from Dallas in final round to become CEOs

DALLAS-- There is one Dallas couple who couldn’t be more in love. However, their happily ever after might be getting a bit happier.

Their love story began like a romantic film might.

They met at a wedding. He was in the band, and she was a bridesmaid. “He asked me what my name was, and I had to tell him about four times.” says Tennessee. Not only were the speakers loud, but her name is easily confused with the state.

Tennessee and Collin got married, and the two discovered a passion for photography and traveling. Which, is really the whole point of this story.

They stumbled upon a contest. “Scrolling through Facebook, that’s how we heard about it.” says Collin.

8,000 people have entered videos to be hired as's CEO.

It's not the the boss kind of CEO, it stands for Cancun Experience Officer.

The Dallas couple explains it like this,  “Swimming with whale sharks, and staying in resorts, and exploring the jungle.”

They would make $10,000 a month to live and experience Cancun for 6 months, expense free. They would be sharing their adventures on to showcase the beauty for the world.

Collin and Tennessee were selected into the top ten! 

It started with 8,000 applicants, and then the top 120 were selected, then 50, then top 10. And get this, they beat out people from over 120 different countries. The couple is hoping to be able to share people's stories. They want to showcase and embrace the history, culture, and humans who make the area special.

You can watch their video and vote for the Texas natives here.

The couple is heading to Cancun for a final interview, and fingers crossed, they will know if they get the job by the end of this month.

A new chapter could be starting for them where a different chapter began. “We honeymooned in Mexico, so that was fun, we are excited to go back.” says Tennesee.