Cadaver dogs may search Turpin family’s former North Texas property

RIO VISTA, TX — It’s the family held hostage that has horrified the nation. Thirteen children and young adults, chained and tortured by their parents, David and Louise Turpin. But while they were arrested in Perris, California, they had North Texas ties, once living here in this house in Rio Vista, a small town of less than a thousand people just south of Burleson.

And this property may soon start receiving extra scrutiny. Crime Watch Daily Reports that police may soon search all of the Turpin’s former homes with cadaver dogs.

There’s no indication whether they expect to find anything, but the horror of this situation has obviously forced investigators to think of everything.

We talked to some locals here in Rio Vista and they were in favor of searching the land, and hopeful that nothing turned up.

It’s a crime that has shocked everyone from this tiny Texas town, back to the LA suburb where their run of terror ended.

“We live on that street and we didn’t know anything,” one resident told KTLA.

A vigil was held outside their Perris home over the weekend. It’s a bizarre case, with long-lasting effects for their 13 kids. We can only hope that any future searches won’t make any vigils in Rio Vista necessary, too.