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Women across the country walk together at 2018 Women’s March

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DALLAS-- From Philadelphia to Chicago, from D.C. to Dallas.

Women, men, and children across the country took to the streets for the 2018 Women's March to speak up for women's rights.

"This time we're still involved, we're still active, we've gotten more and more active across the state of Texas and across the United States," one protester told Newsfix. "We believe that women should have a voice."

Last year, it was all about President Trump, but this year is different. #MeToo has exploded into more than just a trending topic on Twitter, it's become an empowering women's movement.

"Last year there was a lot of uncertainty and panic with the inauguration," marcher Jamie Mulry said. "This year, I think there's a lot more hope and a lot of women have been empowered. A lot of women have been running for office and I think it's just a great opportunity to show solidarity towards each other and that the future is female."

Now, women all over the country are uniting and raising their voices for all to hear.

Zeinab Aly told NewsFix, "I think what the women's march movement has done has really empowered women to speak out and that's been really evident in the past year. Women are coming out about sexual harassment in the workplace, women are coming out about pay inequities, people are coming out about the injustices they fear are happening to them everyday. Everyone is equally outraged and that rage is no longer lonely."

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