New information revealed about CTE


Important new information for anyone who has a young family member that plays contact sports.

It doesn`t take a concussion to cause CTE, the neuro- degenerative disease. It apparently can take much less than that.

CTE is getting a lot of attention because it`s discovered to be rampant in many former NFL players, and the concern is that even kids who play football could start to develop CTE.

Many doctors believed concussions lead to CTE, but concussions may not have anything to do with developing the disease.

New research showing it`s caused by repeated blows to the head, with or without concussion.

"The vast overwhelming majority of hits are occurring and no one's paying attention," Boston University's Dr. Lee Goldstein said. "These kids and adults are getting hit. They're getting hurt but they're not getting helped and then they go back and they do it again and again and again."

Several former NFL players who developed Alzheimer`s -like symptoms as they got older were later discovered to have had CTE.
One former player issued a warning for parents of athletes.

"I made a mistake by starting my career at nine years of age with ill equipped helmet and I firmly I beg of you, I beg all parents to please don't let your children play football until high school," former pro football player Nick Buoniconti said.

If you have concerns about your child playing contact sports, be sure to see a doctor.

CTE can only be diagnosed by examining the brain after death, but scientists are working on ways to diagnose it in a living patient.