Flower Mound family says trash, cigarettes found inside five below dog toys

FLOWER MOUND – A Flower Mound family hoping to warn friends and family about two dangerous dog toys bought at five below has ended up with a seriously viral video.

Facebook user Tarah West posted a video January 14 showing trash, a cigarette butt, sharp packaging, and other odd debris coming out of a dog toy her bulldogs had been chewing on.

“I know we didn’t pay a lot for these, but does this seem normal at all???” she asks in her post.

Tarah says one of the toys had already been chewed and thrown away, without have been closely looked at, when the dogs became sick and wonders now what was inside that toy.

She later updated the post, saying five below responded quickly, has reportedly removed all of this particular vendor’s dog toys, and is investigating. Additionally, the store asked how the West family’s two bulldogs were doing.

In and additional update, Tarah says, “On another note, I just would like to say that we aren’t receiving any money from this video, we are not asking for any money, nor do we have a lawyer. We are just normal people from Texas who were trying to let our friends know. This whole experience has made me kind of sad, through all of the nasty comments and personal messages I have received.”

Tarah also posted that the family was offered a $100 gift card, but declined, “as we are only interested in knowing the outcome and an action plan.”

We’ve reached out to five below but have yet to hear back.

As of Friday, Tarah’s video has been viewed more than 8.5 million times and has more than 205,000 shares.