Dallas claps back at bike-share companies

DALLAS- Let's talk about bikes...again.

"There's going to have to be some rules about this, it's a little bit out of control," Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

Yeah, maybe more than a "little bit."

"I think the companies need to be respectful of us as citizens of Dallas and clean up the mess," said Josh Miller, the creator of the Dallas Bike Mess Instagram account.

Dallas residents have been fed up with these bike share rides for months, and now the city is backing them up with some stricter rules.

"Imagine someone in a wheelchair who can't get around because there's a bike that's laying down in the middle of the sidewalk or the ramp," said Michael Rogers, the Dallas Director of Transportation.

Earlier today, the city sent the bike share companies a letter saying if they can't get things under control by February 9th, the city will start dragging the rides away themselves.

Well bike-shares, the clock is ticking!