Dallas bakery puts a twist on milk and cookies

DALLAS-- If you took a bite, you’d think, 'hey that’s a good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.'

Then you’d wonder, why do they call it the Nourishing Nibble?

Well, that's because Great One Cookie Company is making magic happen with lactation cookies!

The owner, Christina Strudwick says, “New moms know what we are talking about, if it’s a husband or a guy they are kinda like, ew, why would you eat that?”

But, don’t get the delicious baked goods twisted. They aren’t like the ice cream being sold in London that is literally made out of human breast milk.

“It’s not like there is mothers milk in the cookie.” Strudwick says.

Strudwick has a background in nutrition, and wanted to create a cookie with a purpose. “A lot of my friends have babies, so we looked up a few different recipes and experimented with it a little.”

Oats, flax seed, brewer’s yeast and some other goodness is inside help new moms produce more milk.

No, there is nothing weird inside.

Strudwick says they are growing in popularity. “Husbands swing by, there is one guy who comes by every week and gets 6 of the nourishing nibbles and 6 regular cookies for himself.”

If you take a bite of a nourishing nibble, and you’re not breast feeding, that’s a-ok! No, you’re not going to grow man boobs, and nothing weird is going to happen.

You can order the cookies online, stop into the store (you may want to call ahead, they don't have them on the shelf with the regular cookies) or get them delivered off UberEATS.